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From 1st October 2018 we will be providing the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service (IHCAS)

This service can support people with complaints related to any aspects of healthcare provided by or through the NHS (including treatment or services provided by private health contractors where the treatment was funded by the NHS). This could include GPs, dentists, hospitals, health authorities, trusts, community care, pharmacists, opticians, or other health care practitioners.

Our advocates can support you with

  • Advice, information and guidance to help you decide which option to take
  • Making the complaint yourself
  • Making decisions about how to proceed once responses have been received
  • Attending meetings and preparing correspondence if you are unable to do this yourself and there is no-one else that can help you

We can provide more in-depth support if

  • Your complaint involves more than one NHS organisation
  • The complaint requires a referral to the Ombudsman
  • You have difficulties in dealing with the complaint yourself (either physically, emotionally or intellectually) and you have no-one else to help you with this

Contact us for more information or to make a referral: