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The Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) programme was launched in 2015. IPC is a partnership between NHS England and Local Government Association.

The aim of IPC is to join up services including health and social care to ensure people remain at the centre of their care and support planning.

IPC allows people, their families and carers to have control over the resources which are available to them for to meet the persons care and support needs. The means that people can commission their own care through personalised care and support planning and personal budgets.

Hampshire County Council was successful in becoming a pilot site for the programme and launched “My Life, My Way” in 2015. “My Life, My Way” supports young people aged over 14 years with a physical disability, learning disability or autism.

Choices Advocacy and Speakeasy Advocacy (working together as Hampshire Advocacy Regional Group) have been chosen to work in partnership with Hampshire County Council to support the programme.

We can support people and their families in different ways during the planning process. We can support people to find out more about “My Life, My Way”, preparation for planning and the facilitation of meetings using person centred approaches to ensure everyone is involved in the process. We can also support families to develop a person centred support plan which is used to identify the care and support the person wants and needs which can be funded through their personal budget.

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